di Mario Cappelletti


Livorno, 1946
Self-taught painter, Bruno Tinucci has always been inspired by the breathtaking scenery of his native Tuscany, and to interpret both the look and the feel of these beautiful landscapes, he serves himself not of the pallet knife, chalk or paper but only of brushes and a palette full of bright colors. He has a unique ability to seize the eye-catching scarlet of a field of poppies, the golden shades of a sunflower, or the changing light of the seasons in his evocative oil paintings.

The artist describes his most recent recent work as: "An ultra-new macchiaiolo Tinucci that orients his new painting in a vision that is free from the traditional patterns of the so called “macchia”, turning his paintings into almost exasperated images but without forgetting the 'harmony of the form and the content. "

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