di Mario Cappelletti


Elena D’Accinni was born in Pisa on 1966, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where she lives and works.

From her first purely figurative pieces the work of the artist is still focused on the use of matter (cement, bitumen, oil, paper and metal) where she represents the known space: territories, maps, floor plans. She then works on a series of "heaven and earth" paintings, monochrome pieces painted with the use of cement powder as pigment on paper holders, sheet metal or fiberglass.
The work of Elena is a continuous research. Heaven, earth and sea come together and are set as a photograph on parchment paper (an old and natural way of making paper) thanks to the texture of the cement-base. Each of her scenes becomes a timeless icon of an undefined place, a picture representing elements that do not change but remain suspended in its self-representation. The inclusion of the color is used as the coloring of an old photo, bringing the quality of the new to these elementary scenes.

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