di Mario Cappelletti


Cortona, 1978
Roberto learned the rudiments of the various painting techniques from his grandfather, a skilled carver and painter, and from his father, a fine watercolourist, developing from an early age his drawing and painting skills.
From 1992 to 1999 he has had several exhibitions, receiving always great positive response from audience and critics; in the meantime he continued to participate in several painting competitions, always placing among the top artists and using the opportunity to meet different Italian painters with whom he undertakes a fruitful technical and cultural exchange.
Since 2000 he has continued working on commission, landscapes, portraits, copies of old masters, and also devoting himself to mural decoration of villas and farmhouses, but abandoned for several years the public exhibitions in order to conceive a change in style and subject that would lead him to a substantial modification of his concept of "art".
From 2007 the solar landscapes that for many years had colored his paintings leave room for figures that slowly disintegrate in suffused interiors. In every piece of Roberto’s work falls a veil of mystery that, as he likes to emphasize, does not obscure the reality but reveals it. Today Roberto conceives art as a fine balance between the inside and outside of the human being. He defines himself as a figurative of the soul, and would like to always be able to depict reality, not the one that can be seen with the eyes alone, but the reality that his soul "feels", shaped by memories, smells, passions, hopes, dreams, feelings …

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