di Mario Cappelletti


Secondo passes his youth drawing any object that catches his eye, stimulated by the encounter with master Elio Morri. During his early adulthood he continues his artistic training independently by visiting several local art exhibitions, it is then that by seeing the paintings of Edward Pazzini the artist feels to have found a master. He starts subsequently to paint with oil colors finding each time his gentle tones and the decisive brushstrokes that are reminiscent of the great masters of the 900’s. While the public’s acceptance increases Secondo has the opportunity to meet other local artists and thus to nurture his artistical research, in the meantime he continuously gains more success among the audience and critics.

The art of Secondo cannot be separated of his land and origins. His colors and thick brushstrokes speak of his origins in the countryside around Rimini and are the result of both the tradition and of his talent for making “his” the landscape that surrounds him.

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