di Mario Cappelletti


Ugo Felici was born in Pesaro (Italy) on May 31st 1954. Since he was a child he has always shown a particular natural bent for painting and art, but it was in 1974 that this natural bent turned to a great passion to which he very enthusiastically devoted himself.
His classical studies permeate his whole production and represent a fundamental trait of his painting; they gave him the possibility of broadening his cultural interests and widening the horizons in his own mind. This all helped him to improve his unusual sensitivity in searching both his inner world and the surrounding reality, what let him develop the ability of perceiving lyricism and essence also in everyday gestures and in the most common things.
In 1999 he meets Professor Franco Fiorucci with whom he studies in depth various expressive/painting techniques, from the drawing to the painting in oils and in watercolours, committing his own feelings and emotions now to the stroke, now to the vibrations of the material and now to the transparencies that only water can give.
A special attention has always been dedicated to the study of the figure through drawing and modelling.
In these last years his personal and collective art exhibitions has been greatly appreciated.

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